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Viuhka- ja poi-tekniikkaa Belenos Studiolla 13.5.2023!

Kansainvälisesti tunnetut Kate ja Fess saapuvat 13.5. Belenos Studiolla ohjaamaan tekniikkaviuhka ja tekniikkapoi työpajat!

Russian grip fans with Kate

I'm in flow arts for 12 years already, of which 10 years I actively spins fans. I was a participant in various festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Germany and Russia. I was also a co-organizer of Fire Life Fest in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

Viukatekniikka Lauantaina 13.5.2023 klo 11-12:30Hinta: 25€ (1x90min) sis. ALV 10% + tarvittaessa lainaviuhkat työpajan ajaksi

Poi-tech with Fess

I spin poi since 2006 year, had participated in fire-theatre Elma about 7 years. We performed on many festivals like: Kiev Fire Fest, WAFE’st, Flames of victory, May Fire Fest, etc. I made Poi workshops on PoiCon convention, Phoenix Fire Festival, RJC (in Russia), and other events in Europe. At this moment - I'm poi coach in Lumina Studio, Tampere.Lauantaina 13.5.2023 klo 13-14:30​ Hinta: 25€ (1x90min) sis. ALV 10% + tarvittaessa lainapoit työpajan ajaksi

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